What We Do

We work with writers, production companies and publishers to create audio that audiences will love. We can work on any or all parts of the publishing process from idea development, writing and script editing, through to casting, production, post-production and distribution.

Development, writing & editing:


We know a good story when we hear it, and we love helping writers to develop brilliant audio content. We’ll work with you at any stage you need us, whether it’s developing the first spark of an idea, creating a treatment and story bible or advising on how best to realise your story in audio.


Do you need a book dramatising or abridging for audio? A documentary? Podcast series? Original ideas for broadcast or promotion? No problem. We’ve written audio scripts for every genre and format you can imagine: single voice, full cast dramas, children’s and adult’s fiction, podcasts, walking tours, news stories and magazine articles…

We’re obsessed with stories and we always write to the highest standards, creating work that has great pace, emotion and structure. Since we’re seasoned producers, we also write with the studio in mind, creating a script that makes the best use of readers’ delivery, soundscapes and SFX – so your content will really shine.

Script Editing

Writing for audio is unlike any other medium; creating a world through sound alone comes with a lot of opportunities and challenges. We often edit scripts from TV writers or international writers, where the language, structure  and formatting need a lot of work to ensure a smooth production process and great end product.

We’re happy to work as script editors at any stage of the writing process; supporting writers directly, or working on a finished script.


We’ve got decades of experience as Studio and Production Managers, and we work with some of the best studios, voice agencies and actors in the industry. Here’s an outline of the support we can offer at every stage of the production process.


Based on the aims and budget of the project, we’ll create a pre-production plan that includes script timings, casting suggestions, studio options and a recording schedule. We can handle every detail from contract negotiations to call sheets.


We’ve got hundreds of productions under our belt, and we always work hard to ensure a smooth recording that sounds gorgeous.

We know that readers are at the heart of audio, and it’s their performance that will get audiences hooked. That’s why we foster close working relationships with all our readers. Whether it’s an A-list actor or an author in studio for the first time, we direct the recording with sensitivity and great attention to detail.

After the recording, we work closely with audio editors and proof listeners to deliver the finished product. This will include any soundscapes, SFX or music – all mastered to the best industry standard and tested across various devices and speakers to get the best result.
The audio market has gone through an unprecedented boom in recent years. There are now hundreds of international audio platforms to choose from – but which are the most effective? We can create supporting content for specific platforms and a distribution strategy that will find the rights listeners in the right place